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Welcome, welcome, welcome to the Grazide Elementary School Website!  The Home of the RAMS, Grazide Elementary is an exceptional place to learn, laugh, grow, and have some fun, too.  We are open daily from 7:30 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. and welcome visitors at any time.  If you would like to visit classrooms, please call ahead to arrange a date and time with our school principal.  Grazide students commit to doing their very best each and every day in the classroom, hallways, cafeteria, playground - everywhere!  We follow the Six Pillars of Character and recite our pledge every day as a great reminder for making good and helpful choices.  Please come get to know us!  We want to get to know you!  We are RAMS - Show Respect And Make Good Choices To Be Safe!    

We are a Peanut-Free School!











August 25, 2015


Dear Grazide Parents,


It is the philosophy of our school that the safety and well-being of all our children is a top priority.  This year there is a concern with a serious peanut allergy.  An affected child can experience a reaction merely by touching a peanut-containing food and/or inhaling airborne peanut protein particles.  A major health issue such as this must be taken very seriously; therefore, peanut products will no longer be sold nor served at our school.  Additionally, students may be asked to wash their hands with soap and water before entering their classrooms. 


We are asking our parent community to assist us in our efforts to keep our students safe by refraining from sending peanut products to school including peanut butter or products containing peanut flour or peanut oil for breakfast, snack, lunch, class parties, or school events.  An additional safety measure includes reading labels carefully to make sure products do not contain traces of peanuts/nuts or have been processed in a plant or equipment that process nuts.  Finally, please ensure that your child washes his/her hands with soap and water before leaving for school if he or she had peanut products for breakfast. 


Thank you, in advance, for understanding how important it is to keep our children healthy and safe by following these guidelines.  If you have any questions or concerns about these allergen-avoidance measures, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Wishing you and your family a safe and healthy school year.



Gloria Alderete

Interim Principal


Parent-Student Handbook, 2015-2016

Thank you for using Grazide Elementary's Website to connect with the Grazide Community!  


Please carefully review the Parent-Student Handbook with your family.  We are looking forward to an amazing 2015-2016 school year!


2015 - 2016 Parent-Student Handbook

Why Grazide?

Three reasons why you and your child should join the Grazide Elementary Community:

  1. We are a community of active learners committed to doing our best each and every day.
  2. Our RAMS receive an extraordinary education not only in academics but in Positive Character Building; Service Leadership;  KFC2 - Show Kindness, Fairness, Compassion, and Caring; Art; Technology; and Band.  In addition, a variety of afterschool programs are available to allow students to explore and find their passion for learning.
  3. We are 21st Century learners and teachers with outstanding resources for learning and growing to the highest of levels.

At Grazide Elementary School, we have enhanced the learning environment through an excellent integration of California Common Core Standards including Thinking Maps; providing two computer labs and extensive technology training for teachers and students; and continuously building and supporting a strong culture of collaboration and school wide ownership.  Go Blue and Gold!   

Welcome to Grazide Elementary School!

Welcome, welcome, welcome!


Thank you for joining the Grazide Elementary School Family.  We know you will be thrilled with the extensive learning and opportunities available to our students.  If, at any time, you have any questions, thoughts, or concerns, please know we are all here to listen and help.  May 2015-2016 be the very best one yet!  This year has been very busy already!  From the New Parent Breakfast to Back to School Night to Welcome Back Picnic to Read to Grazide, we've had a wonderful set of visitors and volunteers joining the RAMS Team.  We love having you join us to participate and lend a helping hand! As a reminder, if you'd like to volunteer, please stop by the office and pick up a volunteer form. 


We are RAMS!  We are Respectful And Make Good Choices To Be Safe!


Miss Moss